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The government has accused universities of unacceptable pressure-selling tactics.

The team subsequently monitored teaching and concluded female students were being treated differently. The institution worked to address this, making improvements in recent years, but did not contact Bartlett alumni to inform them.

Launching an investigation into the student complaints

  • The average male graduate would pay £6,500 more in loan repayments over their lifetime
  • Female graduates on average salaries could repay the same amount
  • More students from all geographic regions

Former students have complained of sexism and racism at University College London’s leading architecture school going back a decade, alleging inappropriate comments were made about appearance and race and female students were sometimes brought to tears.

The growing conversations around anti-Asian hate

The brief had created a connection between hesitancy in the use of colour in architecture and race and the Black Lives Matter movement.

One student claimed they made a serious complaint to Bartlett about a unit brief, which was published last year, that they had seen in text and video format. The video, which the student said caused hurt to many black and minority ethnic alumni, has since been removed by the university.

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