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The majority of 4th graders nationwide have finally made it back to classes in person full time.

Unified school district said they chose to keep their students home after the schools reopened in April.

Students of Color Moving to More In-Person Instruction

In the fourth of five monthly federal surveys this spring, tracking how schools have been reopening and instructing students during the pandemic, the National Center for Education Statistics finds that by April, nearly all K-8 schools offered at least some in-person instruction, and 56 percent of them provided full-time instruction on campus.

  • Among students who attended hybrid schooling
  • The hours of live instruction still differ significantly from school to school
  • More students from all geographic regions

The growing conversations around anti-Asian hate

Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, an Illinois representative, said she sponsored the bill in response to the increasing anti-Asian violence and rhetoric. Growing up, she said she knew little of the discrimination her family had faced in earlier generations because it wasn’t taught in school and her family did not openly speak about it.

Data Structures and Software Design

Lecture 1.1Core Data Structures
9 hours
Lecture 1.2Advanced Data Structures
15 hours
Lecture 1.3Software Design
8 hours
Lecture 1.4Getting ready to work remotely
10 hours

Implementing and Improving Software

Lecture 2.1Inbuilt Java data structures
10 hours
Lecture 2.2Requirements of a high-quality software design
6 hours
Lecture 2.3Adaptation and geo-engineering
9 hours

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