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Non-UK students now account for more than 485,000 of the 2.38 million higher education students at UK universities.

More than 120,000 Chinese students enrolled at British universities in 2018-19.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency’s breakdown of students in UK higher education last year showed that the number of students from China rose above 120,000 for the first time, accounting for more than one in every three non-EU students.

A continued increase in both EU and non-EU students

  • Some tuition in certain subjects can be conducted outside
  • The new policies would affect plans they have already drawn up
  • More students from all geographic regions

The figures underline the sector’s reliance on tuition income from overseas students. Since 2014-15 the number of Chinese students enrolled in the UK has risen from about 89,500 to more than 120,300.

International students have fuelled their expansion

Students from India increased from about 18,300 to more than 26,600 in the same period, while Italy, France and Germany each sent more than 13,000 students to the UK in 2018-19.

Introduction to Course and Python Fundamentals

Lecture 1.1Introduction to Course and Python Fundamentals
8 hours
Lecture 1.2Machine Learning for Environment
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Lecture 1.3Design Phase Application Example
6 hours

Develop web sites

Lecture 2.1Time-Series Data from IoT
4 hours
Lecture 2.2Statistics and Visualization Basics
9 hours
Lecture 2.3HTML5 Apps and Games
20 hours

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